Saturday, July 2, 2011

Standing on Solid Ground

I was driving home from camp, my mind focused on how quickly the week had gone, and how abruptly I would be thrown back into real life - washing the clothes, mowing the grass and parenting the children.

The radio was playing in the background and one phrase shifted my train of thought: "It's hard to stand on shifting sand....." Immediately, I began thinking of our worldly culture in terms of shifting sand.

There had been many instances at camp that reminded me exactly how old I *really* am. The last one had occurred just a few hours prior. One of the older girl campers had been talking about knowing she would soon be missing her cabin mates.

Now trust me, I TOTALLY get that! I can totally relate to my daughter's tearful eyes saying "I miss camp...." and "I miss (my counselor)!" I LIVED that. I remember it like it was yesterday.

But this morning, I commented, "well ... at leas you have Facebook!". I started with, "when *I* was a camper...." and stopped myself. And then continued.... ".... we didn't have Facebook."

"Well, at least you had email!" she said, cheerfully.

"Uhm. no we didn't." I walked EVERY DAY to the mailbox, hoping for a letter.

But, I digress.

I see "kids these days", and overhear conversations between teens (and tweens even!), and am amazed at how things have shifted from when I was that age.... not all in a positive motion.

I thought of the world - of being in the world - and how difficult life is trying to stand in the shifting sands of culture, and what is OK and not OK - and popular and acceptable. And as soon as you think you get THERE.... it's shifted. Constantly changing!

I literally pictured myself walking in the soft sand at the ocean. It is HARD WORK. And, it changes with every step!

In contrast, there is solid ground. Rock. It stays there. Solid. Beneath my feet. Secure. Supporting me and giving me a place from which to start my journey. Like the Truth. For thousands of years, it remains. Unchanged. Applicable then. Applicable now.

I realize I can choose where I will try to place my steps - the sand, or the rock. The world or Christ.

He is my rock.

May I stand secure in Him.

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