Friday, July 8, 2011

One Simple Question...

It was a simple question - in the midst of many - in our conversation. But it stuck with me.

We had been talking about his travel plans and how God was working to pull it all together. A quest to seek and to serve. To trust and to follow... a dream he had dared to dream, God is bringing forth in unimaginable ways.

And then he asked me: "so, what's next for you?"

"oh. I don't know..."

On my drive home, that question returned over and over again. Except now, I did know. I would return to my very safe, very "responsible" life of motherhood and culturally "appropriate" employment. It has it's rewards, on some level...

But the question persisted. It would be something to ponder in my next moment of solitude.

"Dare to dream!" a voice deep within challenged me. As quickly as it appeared, tears filled my eyes, and it was gone.

I made a mental note to write it down. It is important. That fleeting moment. Important.

You know the dreams in my heart, Lord. Help me to trust and to let You tease them out of me. Only You know where they may lead.

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