Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oh! THERE You are.....

I was beginning to wonder what was up.

This blog has felt like mere recollections and recounts of my days tied up with a simple expression of gratitude. (Which, is what I do when God and I aren't actively on the steep upward slope of a learning curve... review my day and count my blessings.)

If you can follow this convoluted train of thought, with it's leaps and stretches, you'll know how I arrived where I am now.

I'd walked the dog and been to my Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)class. I was preparing to shower before my last carpool pickup of the school year. Sometimes in those mindless moments of every routine, I am inspired with a topic for the blog. Nothing.

I considered retelling the story of the inspiration for the title. Nah.

I recalled one woman in my class showing pictures of a body-building friend of hers. She explaining that her focus on body-building began after a relationship ending.

Several random conversations and emails crossed my mind - continuing ed, ending projects, beginning projects, to do's...

I thought to the year of my divorce and the moment I knew that life was about to change dramatically. "What did I do?" I asked silently, knowing full well it hadn't been body-building. "I ran to God," has always been my reply.

And then I realized... no.... I didn't. I didn't run. I dropped my head as I let go of my plans and my ideas about my marriage and how it could be saved. When I turned, I walked smack-dab into Him. RIGHT THERE. He'd always been right there. And then I sat, and He did.

From there, some of the random conversations and emails rearranged themselves in my mind.

A recent prayer that I had whispered in a moment of feeling like I needed "just a little something" was whispered back to me. I paused. Oh! That's what You've been up to!

Once again, I turn and walk smack-dab into the midst of God and His choreography. I hope I was on cue.

(and I wonder what other prayers I have whispered recently.....)

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Anonymous said...

ya know i don't think i've EVER been dedicated or smart enough to "run" to God. I like the way you put this. I think I'm always just running into Him :-)