Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I am reminded again about choices, and how interwoven they are to everyday life. What to wear. What to do. What to eat. Which child to wake up first....? It goes on and on. Moment after moment, choice after choice.

And then there are the big choices: Asking for help. Asking others if they would like help. Staying. Going. Listening. Forgiving.

There are choices about my perspective, and my attitudes: The way I choose to see myself - or others. The things I choose to learn. How, when and if I choose to obey God's call on any day in any moment.

There are the choices that I am often not aware of in the moment. Choices that are so ingrained that they don't seem like choices, but they are. Staying in "victim" - a choice.

Even not choosing is a choice.

I am choosing to listen and to learn, and to open my eyes and my heart to the things not merely apparent.

Lead on.....

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