Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Flood.... well, not THE flood... but, still...

It's really hard to put into words, but this video captures some of the emotion.

I was working the weekend. My kids were with their dad. Saturday morning, right after I finished blow-drying my hair, it started to rain. Not just an every day sort of rain, but a RAIN.

Driving home that night, I noticed that the creek - where my daughter and I were baptized - was running pretty high. I'd heard that there had been some flooding, and wondered if my trip back to work Sunday morning would be detoured.

Sunday stared like any other day. I'd been up late preparing for the upcoming Teacher Appreciation Week celebrations at school, so I headed out yawning to myself. It continued as such until about 8:30.

I got a phone call that sort of change the feel of the day. It was my ex. "We have a foot of water on the lower level..." The water outside was higher, at the level of the door of his SUV. Roads were closed, the power was off, and it was still raining.

By 11:00, the water was waist deep and they were packing bags to catch the next boat out of there. Literally. My daughter road on her daddy's back and my boy on the back of a fireman.

Those were the hardest hours - between "were waiting on a boat" and "we're on dry land". Powerless at its best. Nothing to do but pray, and nothing to say but "oh wow. That sucks!"

I've heard the fridge was floating and when he returned to assess damages, the baby grand piano was upside down. It's hard to remember "it's just stuff", when it's a big portion of your stuff - especially your expensive stuff! But, that it is.

They are safe. The waters are finally receding, and the blessings are beginning to pour forth. Community in action. Serving one another.

"God is at work" said one of my friends as I shared about the ministry I was seeing touch the lives of those I know who have lost much or most of what they possess.

"God is always at work", I replied, "I'm just grateful that people are hearing the cry to act and willing to be vulnerable to receive it."

Be with us, God, as we sort through, clean up and rebuild all that has been covered in water and mud.

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