Saturday, October 8, 2011

Country Roads, Take Me Home....

I laughed to myself as I posted the words of the old John Denver song as my Facebook status. Our travels would mostly be by interstate, it had never been my "home", and we weren't going to West Virginia, but regular Virginia. Still, it was the song playing in my head as we started out.

That song, my sister and I used to sing in the back of my grandparents station wagon, on our roadtrips from their home in Virginia to their mountain property in West Virginia...but somehow, it still fit.

As we headed north, through the Shenendoah valley, the beauty of the mountains - speckled with the beginnings of autumn foliage - spoke to me.... I was reminded how much I love the mountains... how I miss them.

I laughed again, as I found myself driving for miles up and down a winding gravel country road - guided by my gps rather than written instructions from my uncle.

The farm where we are staying is beautiful, and I am thoroughly enjoying my visit with family....many of whom I have not seen in years.

Thank You, God for the beauty of these mountains, and the sweetness of family...

May our time together be blessed, and may You be in our midst.
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