Thursday, March 17, 2011

The One Thing I Am Sure Of...

It had been a rough morning. I was awakened early by the phone, and didn't sleep well afterward.

I tried to progress the day as usual, but had kind of a bad attitude, that infiltrated most areas. Mid day, I received an unexpected call to visit a patient, which I was able to do.

I headed out, my head cluttered with scrambled thoughts. I had found a verse before I left that reminded me that though I may feel pressed on all sides, I will not be destroyed. I tried to cling to that thought. But the internal chatter continued.

I heard a voice inside my head - part of the chatter, actually, asking me "Are you sure about that?". I didn't have a good response. I considered that for a moment. "Am I sure about that?" (which "that" we were referring to, wasn't exactly clear to me, so I attacked it from a different angle.)

OK.... what AM I sure about? I didn't feel sure about much at all. I continued with the line of thinking to find something. And I did. One thing:

I am sure that God has a hand on my life, and that He has a plan for me (and all that Jeremiah 29:11 promises!)

I'd been driving for a while, lost in my internal concerns, but, as I continued, I found myself admiring the view of the rural countryside. Spring had blossomed in the bradford pears and in the lush green fields.

What was dead is now vibrantly alive.... and more will be bursting forth soon as well!

Beauty for Ashes.

Again and again.

Thank You, God... for the springtime, for Your promises and Your reminder to me.

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