Thursday, December 22, 2011

Become a Human (dot org)

Driving to work today, listening to my new favorite song, I knew today would be the day I would return to the blog, and I knew exactly what I would write.


... I took a moment to check out my friend's new website.

I had been hearing about the idea and love the concept, and I had noticed the way God has (from my perspective) not only laid this on his heart, but woven it into his entire being. In our discussions about it, one question had piqued my curiousity... and I began some thoughful, introspective reflection.

"What does it mean to "be human" ?"

As I composed my response, I noted that several answers came from certain (especially trying) "seasons" in my life. Those growth valleys where God and I walked, together - me broken enough to let go of my pride and my desire to control the situation, and fully listen.

The question that followed reminded me that mere knowledge was not enough. I need to put hands and feet to my humanity. You see, he had also asked:

"What are our responsibilities to Humanity?"

Again, I made a list to summarize my thoughts. And then I sat back and really LOOKED at the list...and wondered, "how many of these am I really doing?"

So today, when I pulled up the site (which, by the way, won't officially launch until after Christmas, but I encourage you to see it now!), I sat back and all I could say was "WOW!" It's awesome! The mission, the purpose, the Become a Human Project itself. It is so encouraging!

I do have passions and gifts... and I do want to use them for good. I am inspired and I have pledged to do my part...

It is so awesome to see God at work!

Check it out:

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