Thursday, November 3, 2011

"Good Morning.... I Love You"

As we drive through the rain toward school, passing by a stand of trees that arch over the road, we are showered in yellow and orange leaves as they fall to the ground.  Many strike the windshield, while others dance around the minivan.

"They must not like you!" my daughter says from behind me.

"What do you mean?" I ask. 

"They are hitting you.  They only fall when you drive under and then hit your car."  She had apparently noticed the same pattern I had - the leaves only fell as we passed by.

"We must have different perspectives" I replied.


"I see it differently.  I love it when that happens."

"You do?"

"Yes.  I love it when the leaves fall all around me.  So, when we drive under, and they fall all around us, to me, it's like God is saying "Good morning, Linda.  I love you".

"And that one that is stuck up there?"she asked as she pointed to the antenna, "That one is a reminder that is hanging around."


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