Saturday, June 18, 2011

One Page of Many

I spent the day sorting, and ended up throwing out three larges boxes of paper - slotted for recycling, actually. What's amazing is that there is still so much more to go through.

But, in the midst of it all, I found one page that made my heart skip a beat. Judging from the handwriting, the skipped words and some mixed conjugations, it was one of those pages where I had to turn my internal editor off. The pencil was on the page, writing as fast as I could, without taking time to correct my human errors.

I wish I had dated it - so I would be able to put it more clearly into context. I know that it was several years ago.... it's been that long since I've written like that.

On the left hand side are numbers 1 through 16, each one followed by a question or a statement. Some are tender and loving and others are more direct, though never rude or uncaring. There are affirmations, declarations of affection, clarifications and questions to challenge my thinking or perceptions. All of God.

All are pertinent still - some more acutely than others.

It amazes me how eternal God is, and how stubborn I am.

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